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May-August 2017

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Current themes
  • Homeschooling as a single mother
  • Waldorf education
  • Montessori education
  • A Charlotte Mason approach
  • Self care tips for busy, tired homeschooling mamas
  • A day in our homeschooling life
  • Printables! We always love to share resources.
  • Maths, science + tech and literacy ideas or ways you've studied a topic (how we do it)
  • Craft tutorials, recipes, art activities, nature studies
  • Living books and how you use them
  • The biggest fears you had about homeschooling before you began
  • Dad's perspective on homeschooling (we'd love to hear from Dad's who share the load/work part time, or homeschool full time)
  • Worldschooling and travelschooling
  • Responses to the hardest questions you get asked as a homeschooler
  • Send us something completely different!

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