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Artventure | Online art classes for kids

Artventure is trusted by homeschooling families worldwide as a valuable resource and as a key part of their homeschool curriculum. | Read our featured article by Artventure 

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The Sunshine Collective | Fun activity boxes

Our Brilliant Boxes make learning fun for kids and easy for parents. We even have the curriculum links for our Brilliant Boxes on our website, ready for you to download and use in for official reporting requirements. 

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History Unboxed | Monthly subscription boxes

History Unboxed offers monthly subscription boxes that bring History to life! Each box contains detailed lessons, reading materials, and high quality crafts that immerse students in the cultures and stories of our world's history. From Ancient Australia and the Pharaohs to Viking queens and medieval Mali, your child will love History Unboxed.

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Teepee Learning

Teepee Learning | Alphabet learning with a difference

We use real and Healthy food to nurture an interest from an early age. Vegan friendly recipes/fun facts galore on the back to add value to your child's learning experience.



The Care Factor

Brave Writer | Writing classes

Help your child fall in love with writing! Through Brave Writer's user-friendly materials and award-winning online classes, we'll help you grow into a competent writing coach.



Way of the Cactus

Global Guardian Project | Global change begins at home

The Global Guardian Project is a monthly interactive e-magazine filled with 50+ pages of educational stories, videos, art projects, interviews, a book club, recipes, and challenges, designed to teach families how to become global stewards and changemakers in their own home and in everyday life.

The Care Factor

The Care Factor | Self care for busy, exhausted mums

My mission is to improve the lives of children everywhere by helping the mums be more balanced. That means using mindfulness, brain science and self care to bring balance to your being and calm to your life.



Way of the Cactus

Way of the Cactus | Sensory treasures for neurodiverse families

Way of the Cactus source ethically made sensory items - products that feel amazing to touch, smell and wear. They are a small social enterprise created by two neurodiverse families. They know what it's like to need comfortable clothes, a place to hide and lots of ways to wriggle and move!



Teepee Learning

Begin Homeschool with Confidence | Fearless Homeschool

You really CAN provide a fantastic education for your children. Parents all over the world are educating their children using innovative methods and achieving great results. This $17 e-course will show you how.



Teepee Learning

Flockmen | Wooden stacking toys

This is not just a toy. This is open-ended possibility like you've never seen before. This is Maths. This is Science. This is Art. This is Narrative. This is Flockmen. Head to our website to build your Flock.



Teepee Learning

Homeschool Group Directory | Australia

Choose your state and peruse the co-ops, nature play groups and other gatherings happening near you.



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