Intentional Homeschool Bundle SALE! – September 2017

By Grace Koelma | Editor of The Mulberry Journal

THIS BUNDLE SALE IS NOW OVER. The next bundle is scheduled for early 2018.

>> Want a peek inside? Check out the video here.

If you are anything like me you can easily become overwhelmed when it comes to homeschooling resources. Most homeschool families are working on a budget. But the problem is: there is so much good stuff out there!

How do you decide which resources to purchase and which ones you’ll need to add to that ever growing wishlist?

What if I told you I had an amazing one-stop-shop resource bundle you could download to avoid the classic homeschooler's decision fatigue?

AND what if said that for the next week you could get over $230 in homeschooling resources for just $25 USD?

Yep! This week only the Intentional Homeschooling September Bundle sale has over $230 in homeschooling products on sale for just $25! This is a sale you aren’t going to want to miss!

Get a look inside the bundle with our video review >>

Some of my favourite products in the bundle are:

  • Photo Class for Kids by Angie Warren @ Warren Schoolhouse
  • Letter-a-Week Activity Guide by Elizabeth @ This Little Home of Mine
  • Explore the World Digital Resource Guide by Chantel @ Intentional Homeschooling
  • Nature Identification Set – Constellations by Ashley @ Brave Grown Home
  • Growth Mindset Printables by Big Life Journal

But believe me, there's HEAPS MORE! Check out the full list of included downloads here. Plus we're throwing in Issue 7 of Mulberry Magazine!

The other thing that's cool?

Some of the resources in this bundle are worth more than the bundle itself... Like the $47 Basic Piano Course for Beginning Students, or the $30 Photo Class for Kids. So if you only use ONE of those resources, you've saved money.

Remember, you've only got until September 26th 2017 to claim this incredible bundle. After that, it's gone forever. Don't say we didn't warn you! 

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