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Welcome to The Mulberry Journal! You've stumbled across the perfect place to soak up inspiration, learning and ideas about homeschooling.

The Mulberry Journal is a collection of stories, resources and opinions on home education in all its forms. If you're visiting our site for the first time or are new to homeschooling, take some time to have a poke through the wealth of information here.

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Meet the Team

Grace Koelma | Founder + Editor

Grace is the Editor of The Mulberry Journal and when she's not reading, divides her time between hanging out with her simultaneously delightful and headstrong 5-year-old, running multiple ventures, writing, and and spending time with her little family. She may or may not have strict rules about Instagram time - #slightlyaddicted - but has made some amazing friendships so will never give it up. You can get in touch with Grace -- hello@themulberryjournal.com

Eric Koelma | Co-Founder + Business Manager

Eric is the dark horse behind Grace's passion for bringing homeschooling communities together. He matches his wife's creative enthusiasm with the underpinning structure of business and digital strategy. He's all logical precision and epic decision-making. Eric's also a rare kind of super-human who works best between 9pm and 2am and still manages to get up early and do all the energetic things our son wants to do, WITHOUT coffee (he hates the stuff!)

What people say about The Mulberry Journal

"Hey guys! I really want to just let you know what an impact you're having on so many - the space you've created is something I know I personally treasure. So thank you!"

Cherie Vander

“Your publication is real, genuine and so grounded...something I find of complete value whilst living in a society that can at times be highly critical of families doing things left of mainstream.”

Kate Burkhardt

"So many great articles! The article 'Creating a space for sanity' encouraged me to start on my decluttering journey to create a space for play, inspiration, learning and relaxation. I was struggling to maintain a clear mind until I started to make room for the important things in my life. My house has a much better vibe, more space and is now full of love and fun rather than 'stuff'."

Lauren Flint

"So glad I found this & congrats of creating such a resource that is greatly needed. Sending success blessings to you."

Rachel Garth

"What a great resource. We homeschooled our son who has just turned 21 and I would have loved something like this back then. Good on you for filling a need."

Therese Vincent-Rori

"The Mulberry Journal is such a bright place in the homeschooling world."

Kara Anderson Blogger

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Our global adventure

In the spirit of not being tied down by school (or a corporate office job for that matter!) we sold our stuff, rented out our house and left on a global adventure, slow travelling and working as we go. We immersed ourselves in different cultures and gave our son Leo a global, open-source education from the age of 1 until 4. We're now back in Australia, but you can keep up with our travels and family adventures on Instagram @darelist.family.

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