2022-23 Mulberry Planner

2022-23 Homeschool Planner Digital Download 

Specifically designed for the Northern Hemisphere

  • 200 pages of templates, planning pages, tables, prompts and record sheets to organise your entire 2022-23 Northern Hemi homeschool year running July - June.
  • Instant digital download, print the pages you like, whenever you like
  • Beautiful new theme featuring 15 gorgeous cover options
  • Easily adaptable for one child or multiple children, and can be customised to suit ages 4-18.
  • Ultimate flexibility with multiple layout options, blank title pages, DIY borders and customisation tips.
  • Designed for easy printing with room for spiral bound, hole punch and ring binder on the left margin.
  • Perfect for all types of homeschoolers AND unschoolers!
  • Trusted by hundreds of families every year - we've been designing and improving the Mulberry Planner since 2017.

"The Mulberry Planner has made my home education journey so much simpler, and so far, flow much more smoothly. There are just so many good things to say about this planner! [It] ticks the boxes for learning records for my son, myself AND the authorities. And it’s all in one neat, gorgeous space. I found documenting the planning really overwhelming at the beginning. [We're] two and a half years in now, and it’s definitely a joy, not a labour."



"I am loving this planner because it’s so customisable... there’s something for every type of homeschooler or unschooler. We unschool, so the pages for lesson plans aren’t for me but I don’t have to have them! I simply don’t print those pages and print extra of what I need. Plus I can order things in whatever way makes sense to me! ... If you’ve been wanting a bit more organisation with note taking I really recommend this planner! You can totally make it exactly what YOU need."


Never used the Mulberry Planner before?

here's an in-depth walk through video from the designer

(This example video is from our 2021 planner. Some templates or layouts may have changed)

Dream and plan out 2022 & 2023 with the Mulberry homeschool planner

Wondering if you'll be able to keep up with your state's or country's requirements? This 200-page mega download includes everything you could possibly need to plan, track and evaluate your homeschooling routine and your children's wonderful journey of learning through life! This is the perfect addition to your homeschool, whether it's your first year (congratulations!) or you've been homeschooling for a decade!

Coming up with your record of learning can be an arduous task that saps hours of your time. Don't spend your evenings doing paperwork, or trying to come up with spreadsheets to record your learning. Simply print the appropriate Mulberry Planner template, note down what you did, slot it into your records and move on to planning tomorrow.

Less time worrying about the paperwork, more time spent with your kids (you know, the whole reason you got into this thing)!

We couldn't fit all the pages in one image (and still have each page visible to the naked eye!), but here are over 70 of them!

What's NEW in the planner in 2022?

This is the sixth year we've released homeschool planners, and it gets bigger and better every year. This year, by request, we've added:

  • Brand new modern-retro floral design
  • 15 beautiful new cover pages, including some amazing artwork title pages and blank templates for you to personalise
  • New 'daily intentions' template. This has been added to our morning circle section - for you to set your intention for days.
  • Brand new subject planning and tracking pages. We've added a rainbow subject tracker and it's 👌.
  • The 'Excursions' template now also has a 'field trips' template for those using that terminology
  • Improved Term dividers and tracking - some jurisdictions have Term 2 in the current year, some next year, so we've accommodated for this.
  • Other new little edits and changes (see below). If you need something else, you can also request us to add it.

Have questions about the planner? Read our FAQs.

"I'm getting a head start on next year's planning and I feel so organised with the lesson plan outlines in The Mulberry Planner. The hardest part for me has been choosing which of the gorgeous cover sheets I want to use! There is just so much choice and I can really make this planner my own. My son loves having his own record keeping pages to use too."

Kirstee R.

Ready to plan your 2022-23 homeschool year?

Get the 2022-23 Mulberry Planner Download
  • 200 pages of templates, planning pages, tables, prompts and record sheets to organise your entire 2022-23 homeschool year running July - June
  • Fun and colourful theme featuring 14 beautiful cover options
  • Designed for easy printing with room for hole punch and ring binder on left margin.
  • Perfect for all types of homeschoolers AND unschoolers!


Here's a detailed look at what you'll get inside the full 2022-23 Mulberry Homeschool Planner.

16 Brand NEW Cover Options!

You've never had more choice of covers. Personalise your planner with one of fifteen choices, or hit refresh halfway
through the year with a new cover. This year we've also created some beautiful covers based on historical artworks, available through the public archive.

Plan your homeschool by subject area

View your upcoming weeks, terms or the entire year at a glance. We designed these templates to cover all key disciplines, with an open-ended design to suit students age 4-18. You can use them to plan in advance, list ideas and resources in each subject & also use them to record learning completed in retrospect.

Home Organisation & Meal Planning

Goal Tracking, Project planning, Meal planning and Favorite Recipes templates. There are lists for parents - Dad, and Mom/Mum. We've also included planner themed bookmarks.

Lists & lists & lists!

List-makers, welcome to list heaven! Includes Mom's/Mum's booklist, Dad's booklist, Kid's booklist, Podcast list, Film list, Documentary list, YouTube list, Curriculum Wishlist, Music list, Quotes I love, Audiobooks and 'Resources we own'. PLUS, this year we have 'Excursions' and 'Regular Classes' list templates! There are also 4 blank lists for you to customise your own.

Because this planner is a fully customizable, if you finish a particular list you can just print another one and add it into your planner.

'Regular Classes' was one of our new templates in the 2021 Mulberry Planner and is a common fave!

A journey of learning for the whole family

Capture your family's magical learning journey with templates designed to include the whole family or individual holistic growth.

View the pages in more detail below.

"...We're now onto our fourth year of homeschooling... there's an evolving nature to it so I've used the pages that immediately spoke to me in terms of how the rhythm of our days go. I like to use the blank Morning Circle templates and customise them for myself. I've definitely used the Mama's book list - love that [the planner] has stuff for mums, not just kids."

Leah Kua

NSW, Australia

"Setting out my planner I put the vision, snapshot of our family, yearly calendar, and lists at the beginning. Next is monthly calendars applicable for the current term. From there I set out week by week starting with notes, then lesson plans, morning circle, records of learning, reflections and notes. I add the nature finds, notes and quotes wherever I feel I want or need them."


QLD, Australia

Morning Circle pages

One template for each term (including an option with prompts, or blank templates so you can craft your own).

Get the 2022-23 Mulberry Planner


Daily + Weekly Routines

Plan your daily & weekly family or individual routines using our 4 x family schedule templates. Featuring four different formats for ultimate flexibility, including a weekly schedule (Mon-Fri + Mon-Sun).

Plan + record weekly learning for each term

Numbered weekly record sheets with customisable dates for 11 weeks
(4 layouts, mix and match for planning, recording activities and tasks, and notes and reflections). 

  • The planning page subheadings are: Weekly Learning Focus, Books for this week, Videos/Documentaries this week, Activities, Resources needed 
  • Record of learning sheets: Monday-Sunday
  • Record of learning by day: Activities, Meet-ups, Excursions, Incursions

Get the 2022-23 Mulberry Planner

"The circle planning pages have also been brilliant as this is something I am new to and the rigour offered by the exercise of completing the template has been super helpful."

Tara A

 TAS, Australia

Lesson Plan Templates

Simple, ready-to-print lesson plan templates (structured with prompts, and blank lined template).

Day notes, blank notes & bujo pages

We've included blank and lined note paper as well as bullet journal style dotted paper so you can capture those moments of creativity, design, maths, architecture and engineering!

"Here's how I use my planner... It is my diary, planner and journal all-in-oneAt the close of each school week, I prep my following week on the ‘plan’, and tabled ‘record of learning’ pages. I store that week’s pages on my clipboard - which sits out, readily available. As we learn, I document our journey on the daily ‘record of learning’ and ‘reflection + notes’ pages. I transfer the weekly pages back into my Term folder once complete, and begin a new week. It’s so easy!"

Cherie V


Annual and Term Reflections

Term and Annual summary templates (options for you, each child and the whole family).

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2022-23 School Year Calendar

July 2022 - June 2023 calendar pages.

Includes an annual calendar overview for 2022 & 2023, and monthly calendar sheets (with notes section).

Term Dividers

Dividers for every term - choose from 2 different styles. (There are also 2 blank templates included for you to add your own term titles).

"As an unschooler I don’t plan a lot but I like to have all my homeschool materials organised and in one place and the Mulberry Planner has allowed me to do that. What I like about this planner is there are so many options and you only need to use what works for your family and your homeschooling situation. The addition of the blank templates means you can fully customise the pages if you want to. And it all looks cohesive and stylish!"

Kama C

New Zealand

10 Section Dividers

10 x section dividers (lesson plans, resources, preparation, learning records, reflections, my lists).

Get the 2022-23 Mulberry Planner

"I was very happy to see the new Mulberry Planner has LOTS of list templates, and I’ve been busy filling them out and feeling virtuous about my gorgeous new lists (as opposed to the creased and crumpled bits of repurposed paper I usually use). I keep a book journal for myself, but I’m using the Mama’s Book List to keep track of the homeschooling-specific books I’d like to read or re-read. Having a curriculum list means I can keep track of what we’d like to try, what’s good now, what may be good in the future, and what’s not good for us at all. I’ll download and use each sample as we need it, and then either cross it off the list or purchase it."


Fearless Homeschool

4 Printables for Kids

Kids can print off reading records, achievements lists (two heading options) and nature journal pages.
They may also want the bookmarks from the new 'Home Organization' section.

8 DIY Background Templates

Looking for a customized page? Easy! Step 1: Print these borders + wreath templates. Step 2: design your own table or Word Doc, then feed the paper back into your printer, and print your version over the top. Voila!

 Aubrey McLaughlin
Hawaii, USA

"I love the beauty and functionality of my Mulberry Planner! It's easy to personalize to my family and homeschool needs. I simply print the pages I need to for lesson planning and record keeping. Such a simple and lovely way to help us stay organized!"

Printing and displaying: Best Practices
  • You will receive files as high res digital PDF files, which means you can download and print as many pages as you want, as many times as you want! 
  • These files are sized US Letter & A4.
  • Files should be downloaded and opened on a desktop computer or laptop.Don't try and print from your mobile or tablet.
  • For best results, print from a PDF reader (like Adobe Acrobat) rather than direct from your Chrome or Safari browser. Do not print from Mac Preview app, as that is an image viewer. You can download Adobe PDF viewer for free. Some of the PDF rendering doesn't work properly for some printers when printing directly from a browser window.
  • All pages are aligned so there is margin room on the left for hole punching and ring binder display.
  • The files are high resolution PDFs designed for all printers, home and professional, though we recommend professional printing for best quality.
  • Once you purchase, we give you a step-by-step walkthrough and handy printing checklist to help you get started printing off and using your beautiful planner!
Designed for flexibility

We've designed this planner for ultimate flexibility, because we know that every family's needs are different. For example, many pages have multiple layout options, and are open-ended to suit ages 4-18. I've designed 200 pages this year, but you definitely DON'T have to print every page! Once you've downloaded, simply look at each file and decide which recording and planning pages you'll use, and which cover and section dividers you prefer. Then build your own planner by mixing and matching! If your needs change throughout the year, your planner can change too!

For unschoolers too!

We get a lot of unschoolers asking whether this planner is suitable for unschooling. It's a great question... We have it on good authority that our planner suits unschoolers too! (See what they had to say about the planner here.) Why?

While you may not use the lesson plan or weekly schedule template, there are 100+ pages that will help you record your children's self-directed learning. 

A simple digital download

The Mulberry Planner comes as a set of DIGITAL FILES for you to download and print. It's a full set of 200 gorgeously designed pages, templates, printables, lists and calendars - basically it's your whole homeschool year... SORTED! 

by how other parents have used the planners in previous years

Mulberry homeschool planner example
So... here's the full list of what you get in your 2022-23 Mulberry Planner Download:
  • 16 x stunning colour cover options with modern-retro floral theme
  • 11 subject specific planning and recording pages for each subject (plus a blank template)
  • Term planning overviews for you to record all key learning areas
  • Daily and weekly notes templates with four different formats (Mon-Fri and Mon-Sun options)
  • Goal tracking templates including learning goal setting, habit training, skill development + vision statements
  • Favourite recipes, daily meal planner and 3-weekly meal planner
  • Activity checklists to plan out and record your week, where life blurs into homeschool
  • Morning Circle pages (structured and blank) & Daily Intentions template
  • Goal tracking and Project Tracker templates 
  • Earth aware goals: to help your family set goals to reduce your carbon footprint and make a happier earth
  • Weekly schedule templates
  • Faith-based or secular morning meditation/scripture planner
  • Term and annual reflection pages (for you, each child and the whole family)
  • Lesson plan template (structured and blank)
  • 14 x lists (Mom's/Mum's book list, Dad's book list, Film list, Documentary list, Curriculum wishlist, Website list, Podcast list, YouTube list, Kids' books list, Music list and Quotes list, Resources We Own, Regular Classes, Excursions and 4 x blank templates)
  • Themed printable bookmarks
  • 10 x section dividers (lesson plans, records, reflections, planning, make a list, preparation, resources) and 2 x blank templates
  • Annual calendar and monthly calendars spanning July 2022 - June 2023
  • 8 dual tone term dividers (4 terms)
  • Numbered weekly record sheets for 11 weeks (4 types, mix and match for planning, recording activities and notes/reflections)
  • 8 x DIY templates which you can print as borders and use to design your own pages
  • 4 x printables for kids (Reading record, My Achievements, Things I'm Proud Of & Nature Journals)

Get ALL this ^^ in the 2022-23 Mulberry Planner

(This isn't even close to all 200 pages!)


Have questions? Read the FAQs.

Can I print this planner at home?

Professional printing recommended: The planner comes in a series of high quality PDF files which can be printed on standard home printers, however for the best visual results and quality we would recommend printing at your local office supply or printer store eg. Officeworks or Staples. This is quite cost effective as industrial printers are more ink efficient when printing in bulk, and can therefore be cheaper than buying a cartridge to print at home. You can also get it spiral bound at most professional printers, once you've organised the order of your pages, or present in a display folder or arch-lever folder.

Everyday printing at home: That being said, our multi-print pages (like the weekly learning records & notes pages) are mostly black & white, so you can print them with ease on your home printer, as you need them. 

Do I need to print every page?

Not at all! The idea of creating a downloadable, print-on-demand planner is that you can pick and choose the templates that work for you. There are 14 cover options for example, so choose your favourite and just print that. Or choose two and give your planner a fresh look halfway through the year. The choice is truly yours... Don't do morning circles? Don't print it. Do lots of reading? Print extras. Got multiple kids? Use a different template for each student. For everything else, use the blank templates and truly customise our layout.
Oh, the possibilities! 

We want the Mulberry Planner to be a resource you can adapt to your homeschool journey. Make it work for you!

Is this planner suitable for school ages 4-18?

The planner is designed to track students learning, whether planned lessons or incidental 'life' learning. The planner pages are designed to be flexible and open-ended, and can suit all grades of schooling, ages 4-18. We haven't designed it with a specific age range in mind, but if there are pages you think would be beneficial for older students, please let us know and we'll add them in!

Do you deliver physical planners?

No, these planners are not printed, they are a digital download which you will get access to after purchase to download as PDFs and print. This is clear on our site, and refunds will not be given for accidental purchase.

A print-your-own planner allows you to add/remove pages as and when you need them and also lets you to customise to your liking in terms of both covers and pages.

Can I print it all in black + white?

We designed the 2019 planner planner mostly black and white, but received feedback that people preferred the colourful floral designs, especially for key title pages, to give their planner bold splashes of colour. This year, we've gone even more bold with our colourful design!

Since then, we made the change to cover pages, calendars, quote posters and most section dividers using a colour-heavy design.

Most of the other 'everyday, multi-print' pages are designed B&W, with minimal colour floral embellishments so that there's a small pop of colour when you print.

When will I receive the digital files?

Straight after purchasing, you'll be directed to the links to download the planner. You can also access these links any time from the purchase receipt, sent to the email provided on checkout. 

I'm in the Southern Hemisphere, can I use this planner?

We have a 'Southern Hemisphere' planner suited to the Jan-Dec school year that may suit you better. It contains the same types of templates as this one, the only difference is the calendars and dates.

Are these templates A4 or US letter?

We are now offering the Northern Hemisphere planner in US Letter & A4 size, to account for our North American and European friends.

Why is this planner sold in USD.

This product is sold in USD, as a vast majority of our Northern Hemisphere customers reside in North America.

I can't see the pages in detail on your website.

We've created large images for you to preview in detail, so to zoom in closer, press keyboard shortcut.

PC computers: Ctrl +
Mac computers: Command +

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of digital online products we do not have a refund allowance on our digital products because you are purchasing access to a link that delivers the product to you. We can't return a digital product when you've already got access to it so therefore we can't do refunds. If you believe you have extenuating circumstances, you can contact us.

I want a customised cover page, do you offer that?

At this time, we are no longer offering customised cover pages. We apologise for the inconvenience, but we have added more blank templates for you to choose from!

I have another question about the planner.

If it's not answered in the FAQs above, let us know! Email hello@themulberryjournal.com

This planner was designed by Grace Koelma © 2022 The Mulberry Journal. All rights reserved.