Mini Planner | Digital Download

$12.00 USD

  • 23 pages of templates, planning pages, tables, prompts and record sheets to organize your family or homeschool routine
  • Created for the August 2017 - July 2018 Northern Hemisphere school year
  • Use for one child or multiple children
  • Designed for easy printing with room for hole punch and ring binder on left margin
  • See our full planner (150 pages) here

Note: This planner is no longer available.

We will be releasing new versions in May 2018 and October 2018.

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The dreaded 'plancrastination'

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of organising yourself for your homeschool year? Worried you can't keep up with your state's record keeping requirements? This mega file includes everything you could possibly need to plan, track and evaluate your homeschooling routine and your children's wonderful journey of learning through life!

And this planner isn't just for homeschooling families... There are lots of great planning tools inside for families who opt for traditional schooling but want to stay organized and track home learning as well. 

Printing and displaying

• You will receive a bunch of digital PDF files, which means you can download and print as many pages as you want, as many times as you want! 

• We recommend you download and open the files on a desktop computer or laptop.​

• All pages are slightly aligned right so there is margin room on the left for hole punching and ring binder display.

• The files are high resolution PDF designed for all printers, home and professional.

• We have been mindful of colour printing, and designed graphic-light and simplistic pages where possible (eg. for the pages you'll reprint and use most, like the daily record sheets and lesson plans). 

What's included in the Mini Planner download file:​

  • 3 x covers to choose from (including a family scheduling option)
  • Daily and weekly notes templates with three different formats (Mon-Fri and Mon-Sun options)
  • Weekly schedule template
  • Family homeschool vision statement
  • Term and annual summary pages (for you, each child and the whole family)
  • Lesson plan template (structured and blank)
  • 2017 and 2018 annual calendar overviews
Kirstee Raki

 Kirstee Raki 

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I'm getting a head start on next year's planning and I feel so organised with the lesson plan outlines in The Mulberry Planner. The hardest part for me has been choosing which of the gorgeous cover sheets I want to use! There is just so much choice and I can really make this planner my own. My son loves having his own record keeping pages to use too.


3 Cover Options

3 cover options, two for homeschool and one for general family scheduling.

Key Planning Pages

Planner staples: Vision statement, family snapshot, self-care cheat sheet, blank notes pages and weekly schedule.

Weekly Notes + Summaries

Daily and weekly note templates with four different formats, including a weekly schedule (Mon-Fri + Mon-Sun).

Annual and Term Reflections

Term and Annual summary templates (options for you, each child and the whole family).

* Questions: What worked well for you this year? What did we try that didn't work out so well? What projects/activities/resources did we run out of time for? What have I learned that I'll take into next year?

Lesson Plan Templates

Simple, ready to print lesson plan templates (structured and blank).

* Subheadings on Lesson plan: Lesson aim, Materials needed, Link to prior knowledge, Lesson plan, Wrap-up + Key takeaway

2017 + 2018 Annual Calendars

Annual calendars for 2017 + 2018 (monthly calendars only available in our full planner).

Note: This planner is no longer available.

We will be releasing new versions in May 2018 and October 2018.

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