Looking for connection and people who 'get' you?

Sometimes homeschooling mamas can feel very alone. Maybe because you live remotely or because the choice to do life without school is still so counter-cultural and misunderstood.

We started the #mulberrymama communities to provide mums with a group of like-minded mothers from countries all around the world, a place where we can support and share honestly with eachother. 

Mulberry Mama dinners in your state

In 2017, we started a thing called Mulberry Mama dinners, kicking off in Australian and NZ locations. Our very first event was in Perth in March 2017.

Become a #mulberrymama hostess

If you're interested in hosting your very own #mulberrymama event in your local area, please get in touch. They're really easy. We're not really involved on the day. We're simply here to help you create a casual catch up. There's no tickets, no branding, no payments. Everything is intended for a casual, relaxed atmosphere of supporting one another. You can email us with 'Hosting a #mulberrymama meetup' in your subject line, and we'll help you out with what has worked for our past meet ups.

#mulberrymama on Instagram

A huge number of mothers are spending time on Instagram, so most of the time you can find mums connecting and sharing at the #mulberrymama hashtag on Instagram. 

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a powerful connector. We started the #mulberrychildhood hashtag less than a year ago, and have seen amazing connections being formed. We've heard story after story about how like-minded mothers have found each other and become friends via these tiny squares and oh-so-brief captions.

We've started a virtual space via the hashtag #mulberrymama for homeschooling/unschooling mamas (anywhere along the journey) to share the joys and challenges in a safe, non-judgemental space, encourage each other, help, give advice and make friends. Maybe we'll even meet in person one day!

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Join us over at #mulberrymama, share a photo, say hi, and let's get to know each other a little better!

Looking forward to journeying alongside you,

Grace Koelma


Grace is a wife, mum to 1-year-old Leo, and editor of Mulberry Magazine. She believes that home educating starts from 0 not 6 years, but is glad not to have to worry about registration... yet! You can find her sharing snippets of her love of real food, picture books and homeschool on Instagram at @littlesoulfires

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