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Be a part of the content on Mulberry Journal. We're the only Australian online publisher in the homeschooling and alternative education sector that's become a key social media influencer. Since launching our new site in May 2017, we attract between 25-30K page views on average per month, and have an audience comprised of 57% USA, 18% AUS and 10% rest of Europe.

We're renown for providing an aesthetic, authentic & refreshing look at what it's like to do life without school in the hectic busyness of the twenty-first century.

If your company provides education resources, we'd love you to share your knowledge and passion with our audience through native advertising.

We work with like-minded businesses to bring our readers informed and up-to-date research and high quality educating resources. We do this in the form of articles with advice, explanations tips or activity ideas.

Content areas that we find our readers are interested in are:

  • English, Maths + Science curriculums
  • Posters, printables and resources for learning
  • Open-ended toys that advocate imaginative play and exploration
  • Online stores that stock Montessori or Waldorf toys
  • Self care products or courses/workshops for busy and stressed out parents
  • E-courses and homeschooling conferences
  • Healthy food products (via our recipes section)
  • Technology and media that can be used for education

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Join as a partner in our growing list of featured businesses and collaborate with us on giveaways, bundles, affiliate opportunities and special offers.

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We'd love to hear about your business and story ideas. Send us an email to request a media kit: advertising@mulberrymagazine.com.au