We're stoked to bring you our very first audio interview with Jess Pilton, a lovely homeschool mum from rural property near Perth, WA.

We chat to Jess about a whole range of things, and 'pick her brains' on everything homeschooling, including:

Title image Audio interview - Jess Pilton
  • What homeschooling looks like for this family of five, currently living in a tiny shack without power, hot water or internet
  • The challenges of home educating with a runaway toddler
  • ​Enjoying the season you're in instead of always yearning for the future
  • How to get past your fear of taking the plunge, and leap into homeschooling feet first

You can stream the interview via Soundcloud or the window below, and we've linked to Jess' blog and social pages in the blue box underneath. If you like what you hear, get in touch or leave a comment below. We hope you enjoy! 🙂

Here are links to the websites and people mentioned in the interview:

Click here to read a full transcript of the conversation

  1. Hi Jess,

    Great interview! You gave me flashbacks to when my children were tiny, and we were living off-grid in the same sort of way (but with no hope of ever having mains electricity).

    Your days sound lovely. Thanks for sharing.


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