We caught up with Kelly George, a homeschooling mother who is currently travelling around Australia with her husband and 5 kids in a tiny rainbow caravan. 

Kelly and I dived deep on a few of the perceived 'big issues' in the public view of homeschooling, and had a really honest and open chat about:

Title image Audio interview - Jess Pilton
  • The misconceptions around being an only child, and the many benefits there are to growing up in a single-parent family.
  • Homeschooling a child with special needs
  • How school 'failed' Kelly and her husband, for very different reasons
  • What it looks like to raise 5 kids and study by distance at university
  • Transitioning from homeschooling in high school to further tertiary study or work
  • The practicalities of life on the road and the natural ebb and flow of 'travelschooling'

You can stream the interview via Soundcloud or the window below, and we've linked to Kelly's blog and social pages in the blue box underneath. If you like what you hear, get in touch or leave a comment below. We hope you enjoy! 🙂

Here are links to Kelly's blog and social media pages:

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