Pam Laricchia is a Canadian unschooling author, speaker and podcaster who explains why the unschooling principles are resonating with so many parents worldwide. Pam shares the heart of unschooling so beautifully, and it's surprisingly simple!

In February 2017, Pam and I had a wonderful, open chat about:

Title image Audio interview - Jess Pilton
  • Demystifying the parent's role in an unschooling approach
  • What unschooling looks like as a lifestyle, and how it flows into adulthood
  • Why unschooling is a unique opportunity for children to develop emotional awareness, introspection, social negotiation and confidence in social settings
  • Why context is so important, so that a child sees how learning a skill is valuable to THEM
  • The questions to ask to see where your kids are at with unschooling
  • Why the word 'just' will prevent you from truly understanding what learning looks like for your children

You can stream the interview via Soundcloud or the window below. If you like what you hear, get in touch or leave a comment below. We hope you enjoy! 🙂

Here are links to Pam Laricchia's blog and social media pages:

Past audio interviews

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