Margaux Khoury

Photo: Ashley Martsen

Margaux Khoury is an author and conscious entrepreneur from British Columbia, Canada. She and her husband Josh have three children, and are raising them in an unconventional way by society's standards. They live toxin and chemical free, and free school their kids while building an earthship home.

In July 2017, Margaux and I had an insightful chat about:

  • The reason she and her husband decided to take the leap into home education
  • What 'free schooling' means... is it like unschooling? 
  • The power of asking why when you are evaluating your life choices and priorities
  • Why the current schooling system isn't fitting kids anymore
  • What it's like balancing life as an entrepreneur, mum and homeschooling parent
  • The best advice Margaux was ever given on parenting and unschooling
Listen to the interview

You can stream the interview via Soundcloud or the window below. If you like what you hear, get in touch or leave a comment below. We hope you enjoy! 🙂

Margaux Khoury and family

Photo: Ashley Martsen

Past audio interviews

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