We get a lot of practical questions about the legal side of home education. So, to coincide with the start of the school year in Australia, we thought it was time we talked to Home Education Association President, Vivienne Fox, about what the current registration and recording requirements in Australia are for homeschooling - and how they differ from state to territory. (This information is current as of February 2018.)

*Note: We will be publishing a larger article covering registration in North America very soon (and in time other countries, too) but we are starting with home turf -- Australia.

Topics we cover

This is an audio interview that you can listen to via the audio player below. In this discussion with Ms. Fox we cover:

  • Where to start with registration if you're new to homeschooling
  • Can you transfer registration between states if you move interstate?
  • Why each state differs & which states have the strictest requirements
  • How to feel confident about your first moderator or practical visit
  • A walk-through the basic registration methods of each state
  • Tips on how to record learning and show your children's progress
  • All the links we mention (including rego requirements for Australian states & territories) are included below the video

Play audio interview with Vivenne Fox

*If you can't see the audio player, click here.

Helpful links

Home Education Association (Australia)
HEA has a NSW specific Registration Pack, and provides good Registration Support in NSW and there are chapters of HEA in QLD, ACT, Tasmania, NT, SA, which are worthwhile contacting for support in those states - contact the HEA to be linked up with support relevant to your state.

The Mulberry Homeschool Planner
150 page homeschool planner download designed to help you record and track your children's learning for the year.

New South Wales

NSW Education Standards Authority - Home Education


Queensland Government - Home Education

Western Australia

Department of Education - Home Education

Home Education WA network (support group)


VRQA - Homeschooling

Victoria State Government - Homeschooling

Home Education Network - Victoria (HEN)


THEAC - Tasmania Home Education Advisory Council

Office of the Education Registrar - Tasmania

Understanding Home Education in Tasmania (HEA doc)

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Education Directorate - Home Education

South Australia

South Australia Government - Home Education

Northern Territory

nt.gov.au - Home Education

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Homeschool Registration in Australia: What You Need to Know
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