If you're new to homeschooling or looking for something to refresh you, then you'll love soaking up all the wisdom and ideas in the workshops from the Start Homeschooling Summit


By Grace Koelma | Founder of The Mulberry Journal

While we’ve all been laying by the pool and having BBQs (or playing in the snow for our Northern Hemisphere friends!), our friend Kelly George has been working like a trooper over these past few months to bring an amazing series of workshops for this year's Start Homeschool Summit. And can we just say that the line up this year is seriously AWESOME?!

*Note: The workshops were free to watch between the 19-25th February 2018, but if you missed it, they're available as an Upgrade Bundle. 

What you'll get lifetime access to:

  • Recordings of every workshop
  • Downloads associated with workshops
  • Mp3 file of each workshop
  • All 18 pre-recorded workshops are already in the bundle (so you can get a head start before tomorrow)

    Also included...

6 bonus workshops!

  • Beginning Homeschool workshop | Beverly Burgess  
  • Beginning Homeschool workbook | Beverly Burgess  
  • Beginning Homeschool Tip Sheet | Beverly Burgess  
  • Beginning Homeschool meditation | Beverly Burgess  
  • Homeschooler's Planner Kit Bonus | Beverly Burgess  
  • Three Keys to Teaching Preschoolers | Kathy Lee Eggers

15 bonus eBooks!

  • Issue 7 of Mulberry Magazine | The Mulberry Journal (oh hey, that's us!)
  • 31 Days of Homeschooling | Marie-Claire Moreau  
  • Free to Learn: Five Ideas for a Joyful Unschooling Life | Pam Laricchia  
  • Homeschool Fun 2018 | Amy Milcic  
  • Guide - How to Be a More Patient Homeschool Mom | Amy Milcic  
  • Preschoolers & Peace: Homeschooling Older Kids With Success While Loving the Little Ones at Your Feet | Kendra Fletcher  
  • Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of Your Day | Kendra Fletcher  
  • The Lab Bench - Science Experiments for Kids aged 8-14 | Kim Santee  
  • Mom's Quiet Time Journal with coloring pages | Sara Jordan Panning  
  • Parenting the Gifted and Twice Exceptional | Ginny Kochis  
  • Creating a Culture of Writers at Home | Ginny Kochis  
  • Are you Frustrated and Stressed? | Kathie Morrissey  
  • Training Character In Your Children | Kathie Morrissey  
  • An Educating Life Guidebook | Bethany Ishee 
  • Homeschool and Household charts | Erin Hassett

4 amazing Homeschooling eCourses

  • Rain or Shine: A 6-week course to establishing an out-of-doors life for families of young children | Meghann Dibrell  
  • Making Art Meaningful: a course for parents | Lotus Stewart  
  • 30-day free membership in The Studio | Lotus Stewart
  • Begin Homeschooling with Confidence eCourse | Kelly George, Fearless Homeschool

And an awesome discount...

  • 25% Discount at Art History Kids | Lotus Stewart
Are you ready for serious #homeschoolinspo?

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