'Power Chickens' is the fantastic creative writing work of Ethan Discher, one of our first ever Mulberry Young Writers.

Story by Ethan Discher

Aged 9 | Gympie, QLD, Australia

This is a story about four chickens - one is a rooster (Roo) and the others are hens (Fris, Big Hen and Little Hen). They look like ordinarily chickens but they have superpowers.

Their superhero names are Fris the Spine, Roo the Pecker, Big Hen the Whacker and Little hen the Diver, They have 7 babies whose super hero names are The Flatulences. Warning from Big Hen “do not go near the babies, thanks”.

They live in a ginormous pen with a phoenix egg that is actually a teleporter. The adult chicks often use it to get to fancy restaurants. The babies aren't allowed to use it, they have to wait for their dinner.

One day Roo yelled, “Oh no look there's only six chickens left”. One of the other chickens squeaked “Another chicken and I were walking last night and a robber took him”. Fris said, “let's go through the phoenix egg”.

When they went through the robber was fighting police chicks. The police chicks fight with chick guns. The ammunition in the chick guns comes from baby chicks’ farts. All of a sudden the robber was knocked down by the toxin of a fart. “Yessss” boomed Roo and his family. “You haven’t stopped me yet” spluttered the robber “come out men”.

While the fighting was going on, 12 of the robber’s men were underground, digging a hole to the service station. They dug up to the surface and Roo said: “looks like we’ll have to do a bit of fighting ourselves”. CRASH!! BANG!! BOOM!! It was a big fight but, eventually, the robbers gave in because they were scratched and bruised and stank out.

Roo and his family are now back living happily in their pen. They still fight robbers, but that’s another story…

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