The beginning of a new year is a natural time for reflection... down here in the southern hemisphere it also marks the beginning of a new school year, which leaves many parents who've been sitting on the fence about homeschooling facing a big decision.

As we've discovered from almost every person we've interviewed in the pages of Mulberry Magazine, deciding whether or not to homeschool is the scariest part.

With this in mind, we're always on the lookout for clear, well-written resources that help parents become better informed, and high quality information about what homeschooling is really like, away from the perception that's portrayed in the media.

Zero to Homeschool has everything parents need to start homeschooling.

We were excited to find ​out that Kelly George, who we chatted to in a free audio interview late last year, has just created the perfect, one-stop-shop e-course for everything you need to know about transitioning into full time homeschooling. Even though Kelly's course is aimed at a global audience, she's an Aussie, so there's a bit of an Aussie flavour in there!

We've had a look through all the course modules, and it looks pretty great, though we'd love to hear what you think if you try it.

To get an idea of what kinds of resources Kelly creates, you can check out her blog Fearless Homeschool, and she's giving away a free e-book featuring stories of homeschooling family's days too. Goodies all around!

If you're interested in finding out more about the 8-week online course Zero to Homeschool, you can read more here. Since it's a brand new course, Kelly's opened up the first round to Beta-testers, so there's lots of bonuses to be had for early-birds too!

Zero to Homeschool 8-week online course - register here

That's it for now, Happy 2017!


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Grace Koelma


Grace is a wife, mum to 2-year-old Leo, and editor of The Mulberry Journal. She believes that home educating starts from 0 not 6 years, but is glad not to have to worry about registration... yet! You can find her sharing snippets of her love of real food, picture books and homeschool on Instagram at @littlesoulfires

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